Micro - Encounters

In the last two years, I have set out to explore the potential of developing a long-term practice of encountering people, where I initiate encounters that have undefined and imperceptible functions. This practice, and the multiplication of objects proliferating from it, operate on a micro scale of visibility, temporality and expectations. It’s an investigation on how to resist the imperative to perform, to accelerate and to become a commodity, by creating frames/circumstances/situations for resonance, emptiness, imperceptibility, awkwardness of not knowing and having to position from within.  Micro-encounters as situations in-between commonality and performativity.

This practice has generated, so far, two different works that are part of its living archive: the sound installation The shadow cast upon the ground composes your questions and the workshop Gestures of Encountering, both presented at DAS-Graduate School, in June 2018.

Support and Host: DAS-Graduate School (Amsterdam), NAVE (Santiago de Chile), K.A.K. -Koekelbergse Alliantie van Knutselaars (Brussels).

© Catarina Vieira