©Vera Marmelo


by Raquel André e Cristina Carvalhal

Setting the table, building the table, to be the table-landscape of a meeting. Each part of this table is a piece of a puzzle with centuries of untold stories, and words to be named: hunger, home, meeting, work, intimacy, power, future and so many others.
How many stories are stored within the precise way that a body organizes itself, or is organized, to eat?
A table is an organic body. A mutant piece of furniture. An UFO on the living room carpet.

The SET THE TABLE creators organized four artist residencies in: Zagreb - Croatia, Marvila - Portugal, Sibiu - Romania, Kortrijk - Belgium. Through a workshop in each city, they met with a group of people who identify with the feminine gender. Writing practices, body exercises, movement, voice, rhythm and individual interviews gave origin to an archive of stories. A process of sharing and meeting where each story takes its place at the table. People from Zagreb, Sibiu, Marvila and Kortrijk get together at the Marvila Library to set up a table, prepare a table, open a table and share stories where we are all invited to toast.
This research, conducted over about a year, was documented on video.

Presented at Biblioteca de Marvila (Lisboa, PT) in September of 2022, and at BUDA (Kortrijk, BE), in November of 2022.

Project by:  Cristina Carvalhal and Raquel André
Performance Direction: Raquel André
Film Direction:
Rita M. Pestana
Catarina Vieira, Gisela Casimiro, Keli Freitas, Rita M. Pestana, Sara Franqueira
Ana Carina Mendes, Angela Gallus, Anita Matković, Catarina Vieira, Cristina Carvalhal, Gisela Casimiro, Giulieta Cortez, Kristina Krsnik, Leonor Buescu, Mădălina Profir, Maria Amélia Fernandes, Maria Natalina Rosa, Raquel André
Set Designer:
Sara Franqueira
Light Designer:
Carolina Caramelo
Sound Designer: Odete and Dianna Excel
Pedro Baptista
Vera Marmelo
Executive Producer:
Sofia Bernardo and Bruno Reis
Assistant Producer: Leonor Buescu
Causas Comuns, ArtemRede
Partners: ArtemRede - Marvila Library - CML (Portugal), BUDA (Kortrijk, Belgium), Domino (Zagreb, Croatia) and Radu Stanca National Theater (Sibiu, Romania).
Carlos Manuel, Custódia Gomes, Danilo de Souza, Guilherme Daniel, Miguel Coelho, Tónan Quito.

SET THE TABLE was carried out in the scope of the european project Be SpectACTive! Co-financed by the European Union - Program Creative Europe and the Government of Portugal - Program Garantir Cultura.

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