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Once a month, I invite one artist to problematize and unfoldwhat is moving and being moved by us. Considering performative practices as fields of experimentation into the complex existential dimensions of life, Matéria is an encounter with the universe of each artist, with their modes of doing and thinking, the questions related to their current works. Matéria opens space also for those practices that are usually excluded, due to different contingencies, from the process of production of a performance or an artistic object.  Matéria proposes a micro-encounter between two different and autonomous artistic practices that open themselves to the potential of contamination and transformation, by inhabiting the same time, the same space and the same bodies.

Open: to all bodies, to all speeds and sensitivities, with or without experience in performing arts. Open to everyone curious about exploring territories of physical, spatial, emotional and energetic awareness; to everyone with a desire to dwell on/in the visible and invisible matter that compose and trespass us and to which we are connected.
Sign in: office@catarinavieira.net

Practical information: Free entrance. Bring comfortable clothes for movement.

Support: Self-Mistake; Roundabout.LX; Companhia Clara Andermatt; O Rumo do Fumo/Espaço da Penha; Pólo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista

2 dedos de Matéria

Podcast that proliferates from each encounter of Matéria. An autonomous object to document and reflect about artistic practices, urgencies, encounters and all the other questions that this project mobilizes. Created by Catarina Vieira, with sound design of Artur Moura and support of Self-Mistake Grant.