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Little Poems of Now

by Marina Nabais

Little Poems of Now (LPN) was created in the context of the pandemic, in 2020, and arose from the need to bring the performing arts to the school context, family and educational services, targeting children aged 6 to 10 years old. The artistic object that was created joined dance, theatre, music, video and animation and involved 8 collaborators from different artistic areas.
The digitally supported work, focused on the body, on movement and on dance, results from an artistic premise of (re)connecting the human body to Nature. It is hoped to provide the child, their families, and educators with a way out of physical and mental confinement, bringing Nature into the space of their own home and body, through changing internal representations from audio-visually guided body experiences, renewing notions of play, relationship, and space with positive implications for the general health of all.
It’s possible to see portrayed the movement of Nature, in constant transformation in a representation of cycles: the cycles of water, seeds, day and night and human cycles. The environmental theme is approached from the point of view of biocentrism, contrasting with the anthropocentric vision, by recognizing the human body as part of Nature.
The 5 poems created, presented in video format, invite us to small journeys: The Awakening of the Now, The Life of the Seed, The Path of Water, Dense Dance of the Shadow and Window of Sensations.

LPN was supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa – Social Emergency Fund – Culture developed in 3 schools in Lisbon, involving about 400 children, in  2020

Original idea, artistic direction, and project management: Marina Nabais
Co-creation, interpretation, voices over and costumes:
Catarina Vieira, Guilherme Calegari, Magnum Soares and Marina Nabais
Sound design and recording: Guilherme Calegari
Mixing and mastering: Philippe lenzini
Animation, editing and edition:
Eduarda Lima
Image, video and consulting:
Eva Ventura Ângelo
Special participation (voices over “Agora”):
Joana Mealha and João Moreira
Psychopedagogical consultancy, monitoring and evaluation: Joana Mealha
Consulting and Nature Guide in Algarve: Carla Cabrita
Executive Production: João Moreira
Production: Marina Nabais Dança, associação cultural
Support: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa – Social Emergency Fund – Culture
Logistical support: Polo Cultural Gaivotas and EIRA/Teatro da Voz

©Eva Ventura Ângelo