©Tiago Cadete


FIUME is about a film that doesn’t exist yet. A walk on the banks of the Tiber river where the viewer can only listen to the soundtrack of the film that is being recorded along the way. A long sequence shot that intersects the stories of the Tiber and the Tagus River. The two rivers have miles of stories to tell, living beings, witnesses and protagonists of remarkable and crucial episodes in history. It was the Tejo river that created Lisbon and the Tiber that created Rome, surrounded by fables and mysteries. It welcomed the first farmers, saw the Phoenician sailors and the Romans arrive. Its waters witnessed great and bloody naval battles, revolts and attacks. They devoured boats, were enraged by storms, floods and earthquakes that hit those who lived on its banks. Caravels and ships left to colonize peoples unknown to Europeans. Glory and tragedy. Mystery and intrigue. Victory and defeat. The two rivers reveal curiosities that in juxtaposition tell a new story.

Presented at
Festival Internacional Short Theatre (Rome, IT) in 2020.

Creation: Tiago Cadete  
Voice over and dramaturgical support: Catarina Vieira
Translation: Lucia Comparin
Production: Co-pacabana
Support: Materiais
Diversos; Estúdios Vítor Cordon
Thanks to: Serena Ramovecchi 

© Claudia Pajewski
©Claudia Pajewski
©Claudia Pajewski